Oilcloth Products
Sugar Babe and HoneyChild was started with the
idea of being able to provide a product that is easy
to clean. We have items made from a wonderful
light weight fabric, OILCLOTH! We offer a wide
variety of products made from OILCLOTH.
I have always loved the look of the
Oilcloth fabric.I got the idea of using
Oilcloth after my niece was born. My
Sister used a fabric cart cover it was
so difficult and a hassle to clean. I
thought what if the cover was made of
Oilcloth? I already had a zipper case
that I used for make-up, and was easy
enough to clean when needed. So I got
some Oilcloth fabric and made a cart
cover and it was a hit!
Sugar Babe and
Our products are Very Easy to Clean
Our products are practical
Our products come in many bright
fun prints
To order or if you have any Questions please
feel free to email me.
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Oilcloth Product